Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Already 3 Weeks..

3 weeks have gone by and I can already start to notice that my little gentleman is changing so much already. He is feeling heavier when he sleeps on my chest, he is starting to talk with his little eyes and look straight at you. He notices things around him that make noise and can now be awake for longer periods of time. I sat in my yellow chair this morning talking to him and he smiled right back at me for the first time - it melted my heart. I am in love!!! Holton has been going on lots of adventures these days since he is the 3rd child. He has been to the beach, play-dates at the park, grandma and grandpa's house, Laylie's preschool, and even dinner dates with mommy and daddy. He goes with the flow and just hangs out. Laylie still adores him and always asks to hold him and cuddle him. Rael is starting to really be such a sweet big sister and we can see her love for her brother is starting to show clearly. Whenever Holton cries she runs over to him and tries to calm him down and without a beat - it works! She enjoys rubbing his head while reading him books or snuggling close. Shortly our family won't remember what life was like without our little gentleman. Even though some of my days I get pooped on, spit-up on, peed on several times a day and get woken up a lot during the night - I am a person that absolutely loves and adores the newborn stage, so I am pretty much in heaven. Little gentleman - we love you so!

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