Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Loving our baby #4...25 Weeks

Baby #4 is growing perfectly and wonderfully. We are so overjoyed and grateful for this new life. Our tiny baby is now more than half way done being in the womb and now has hit 25 weeks. Jason, Laylie, and I went to our big ultrasound a few weeks back and it became a big reality to me as I lay there looking up at the screen seeing my baby suck its thumb, kick and move. Each time I am pregnant I am amazed by God at how there is a baby growing inside of me that soon I will get to hold, kiss and love on this little one for forever. We stayed strong and didn't peek at who our little baby might be..maybe we will have a daughter or son - so we will have to wait to see. We are very excited and can't wait! Laylie got to come along to the ultrasound with us and it was so special to have her there. She sat there quietly on Jason's lap and listened to everything the doctor was saying. Afterwards, we decided a special dinner date was in store. She enjoyed the whole evening just as much as Jason and I did.

Our Sweet baby sucking his/her thumb: 

Photos with our little baby...

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