Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Best Days in Colorado

Laylie and I spent 5 days in Colorado visiting our close friends the Clarks. It was such a special time for Laylie and I to be together, and she was the greatest travel partner! Together we walked through the airport, hand-in-hand, navigating our way to the gate. On the plane we read magazines while snuggling in our tight plane seats, and when we arrived we got to hanging out with one another and our dearest friends. We had the best days spending each moment with the 6 Clark kids and the mamas soaked up our much needed friendship time. Kacy and I laughed lots, encouraged each other, gave each other Godly advice and sat on the couch together sipping hot tea and one time eating a whole Costco chocolate cake. I feel God has blessed me beyond measure with this friendship with my sweet friend and having so many memories throughout a decade of time makes it that much more special. From marriage to becoming home-school moms to having many small children, it is such a blessing to walk through life with her. While in Colorado, we had so much fun going on adventures to the mall with our girls, swimming at the indoor pool, watching Laylie help feed all of their farm animals, playing in the snow, going to a country Rodeo in Denver and even watching a movie in their perfectly cozy home. Laylie and I enjoyed seeing snow fall for a couple days and we really got to experience what winter days look like somewhere other than the little bit of rain we get in California. We really enjoyed and treasured all the time we got with their 6 kids. We are already missing our friends dearly and are looking forward to the next time the families will get together. Until then, we will keep remembering how joyful it was spending 5 days with them and how special of a time Laylie and I got to have just the two of us.

Jason had lots of fun with the two little ones keeping busy while mom was away...

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