Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Rael Gracelynn

Our Rael Gracelynn is here!!!
Sunday, June 24th at 1:51am 6lbs 10oz 18 ½ inches
Our hearts are completely full of love and joy!

Labor was wonderful, completely natural, and powerful. I pushed Rael out into the world with 1 push and the nurse had to catch our little angel.

One of our most treasured moments of all time – Minutes after our sweet Rael arrived

My amazing birth team and more pictures of our unforgetable morning on June 24th

The First Day at the Hospital -
Laylie Meeting her sister

Bringing Rael home and cherishing every moment
(Laylie has been an amazing big sister and loves to hold her, bathe her, and change her)

We are so extremely blessed and are loving every minute of having two little precious girls. God is so good to us and we are truly on top of the world!
We love you Rael Gracelynn with all of our hearts and we are so excited you are here!


  1. She is the sweetest! I love the picture of Laylie reading a book to Rael <3

  2. bahhh, I just got so teary reading that & seeing those pics... you are so incredible to do all that completely natural, yet while looking so at peace & in the moment. Rael is a DOLL....cannot wait to meet/hold her.... and ditto to the comment above about the pic with Laylie reading to her - that made my heart melt - and actually makes me look forward to the day when Kapri is a big sis too. Great job mamma!! xoxo

  3. Congratulations sweet family of 4!!! I just am so blessed by you guys and sooo love Rael! She is so precious! :) What a beautiful labor story - I'm so thankful that everything worked out great for you guys!

  4. Wooohoooooooooo!!!!!!! I cry every time I see her sweet face! Wish I was there, with all my heart!!!!! Sure do love you sweet friend! :) Can't wait to hold little Rael in my arms! :)