Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rael's Room

Rael is so loved!
When I first found out that I was pregnant with a baby girl, I started thinking about what theme I wanted to do for this sweet treasure’s room. As I thought more and more…I knew I wanted to do something with a tree branch. I had a vision of hanging a real tree branch on the wall and creating a fun masterpiece out of it. It all came together as a “love bird” theme for our sweet daughter. Days later, after a windy and rainy day, as I was pushing Laylie in the stroller on our walk together, we found the most perfect tree branch just lying on the ground. I sure felt funny pushing a stroller and carrying a huge tree branch all the way back home, but I thought that this branch had fallen just for Rael. Jason and I hung it on the wall and loved how it looked - but there was a nice open space on the wall that needed some beautiful decoration as well. And that is when my amazing Mother-in-law came into my head and all of her incredible artistic talent. Jason and I picked out a Bible verse having to do with birds of the air and Rael’s sweet Mamoe came over day after day and spent many hours in Rael’s room painting the most beautiful mural. Every time she left after painting touches on the wall, I loved it more and more. I was thrilled with every detail she hand-painted and created. It has become the most perfect touch to Rael’s “love bird” themed room and now Rael can have such a special mural made just for her by her Mamoe. Mom, we are so grateful for you and we thank you for painting our sweet daughter’s wall and making her room extra special. You truly have such a talent and gift that blesses others.

Here is Rael’s room and all the extra touches of her “love bird” rest spot.

Also, lots of special thank yous to: G.G. for sewing all of the fabric birds; my cousin Madisyn for making the fabric flowers; and Tisha for gifting me the beautiful fabric to personalize Rael’s bumper and shadow boxes. We can’t wait for Rael to enjoy her room and have it be a quiet, calm, and relaxing resting place that she will adore and love.


  1. So GORGEOUS! That is the most perfect nursery for a baby girl, ever! :) I love the art on the wall, Mom did an amazing job! And, those birdies in the tree, who made those? They are perfect!

  2. thank you, jessica! :-) great-grandma norma hamborg ("G.G.") made the birdies out of fabric which came from tisha galloway. the nest you see tucked into the tree, i believe that -- & the little eggs inside it -- came from dorothy lynn clinedinst's estate... she'd have LOVED this nursery! i had much time to myself, & pondered this verse while painting... & later, in my (rare) quiet time... how all fowl love verdure (such a great word, verdure!), & reside where they can find both wood & water. in fact, this turned into a bible study (at least, it did for me). as for singing among the branches, in Hebrew, it means to "give a voice." so lil birdies take delight, & the sweet music of their voices are heard, in the foliage of trees growing near the margins of streams & by fountains & close to shore. what a gorgeous poetic word picture! having wetted their throats, they sit, & chirp, & sing... to doves, by rivers of water (Song of Solomon 5:12). Or how in Revelation 22:1, the "river of the water of life" is "clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God & of the Lamb..." suffice to say i love how baby Rael's being bathed in scripture! it's a VERY sweet baby nursery! inspired idea, mindy! & perfect bible verse, jason!
    xoxo, mom/mamoe :-)