Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holidays - Thanksgiving 2015

I can't believe the Holidays are here already and the year 2015 is coming to a close. It's so hard to believe that my little boy is 6 months old, and my girls are 3 and 6! Time is passing by quickly. It's easy to be so excited about the future, but it can also be a little sad when you realize that it is going by too fast. Let us always soak in as many of our days, hours, and each little memory that we can.

To start off the Holidays we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Whites, with delicious food, a beautiful table with special place-setting treasures, and bounce houses for the kids. It was a complete blast and a joy to be with all of the cousins and family. 

The following day we gathered at the Troncones with a table set for 22. We all sat around the table chatting and enjoying all of the tasty food as well. We did our annual Troncone traditions - we wrote in the Thankful Book, spent some time sharing what each person is grateful for this year, and sang praise songs. We were sure full and happy. 

Jason and I say it all the time, but we cannot say it enough - we are so grateful for both of our families, and how much we all love each other, and how we all love being together. It is such a rare and special treasure!

At The Whites - 

And our annual cousin photo on the couch - 
It is so fun to see each year the kids growing up and multiplying
What a joy!  





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