Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, December 3, 2015

They are Hitched...

The past 6 months, every Tuesday night we would sit on our couches with Tim and Lindsay and chat about marriage, life, good times, hard times, memories, the future, and how to love while freely giving up yourself to the other. Then, at long last, the day we had all been waiting for was finally here - and Tim and Lindsay's wedding was magical! The day started early at 8am when Lindsay and all of her bridesmaids arrived at our home to get their hair and makeup done and hang out until it was time to head over to the wedding spot. It was so much fun being all together and making Lindsay feel so special on the first day of the rest of her life. Lindsay was truly the happiest, easiest, and sweetest bride ever which made it so much more easier for us all to rejoice together for her. There were about 20 of us getting ready together, and shortly after lunch we all headed over to the Quail Gardens in Encinitas. The location was beautiful, with lush gardens everywhere, the soft sound of waterfalls in the distance, and twinkle lights above where the reception took place. The girls did great as flower girls (Rael was too scared to walk down the aisle by herself, but with Laylie's help she made it), Jason did the officiating and I was a bridesmaid. The ceremony was so beautiful and it was absolutely breathtaking as Tim and Lindsay shared their own written vows with each other. The reception was filled with lots of laughter, tons of dancing, and so much love. It was such an amazing wedding and our family absolutely loved being a part of it. Thank you, Tim and Lindsay, for having us be in your wedding. What an honor it was to be standing with you two. You are going to make the most awesome couple for years and years to come.

And some fun memories leading up to the wedding...

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