Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holton is 7 Months...

7 Months and time is passing by so quickly. Holton is a true light in our home and we all fight over his wet kisses. You better be careful though because he might end up biting you since he is teething. He has gotten his top 4 and 2 bottom teeth already. He is the best baby who goes with the flow and hardly ever cries. His nickname is “Little Man” and prefers his Mama over anyone. He has been awesome at eating solid baby food and eats whatever we feed him. He now sleeps 12 hour stretches 6pm-6am and falls fast asleep when we lay him in his crib. He has had a hard month with back-to-back ear infections and multiple colds but we are hoping this is the last. Fingers Crossed! Holton doesn't stay in one spot any longer - he is a great roller and sits like a champ now. His favorite afternoon activity is going to get the mail down the street in his blue car and look at all the wonder outside. We love our Little Man with all our hearts and can’t imagine life without our little boy. 

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