Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Our Lady Laylie

Friday evening at 4pm, Laylie and I were in my bathroom curling her hair, putting on some make-up, and her teal dress. This was her very first dance with her prince-charming, "Daddy". The father and daughter dance at school was a moment we had been talking about for months. Questions like...What was Daddy going to wear, what was she going to wear, where should reservations be made for dinner, along with Mama's encouragement that there really isn't a wrong way to dance. As time got closer, more excitement grew. It was here and Laylie couldn't wait! Our oldest is growing up, now that dances are on the calendar, which this Mama enjoys so much. A beautiful corsage and boutonniere were put on, pictures were taken in the backyard, and off they went on their special night. They had Tommy V's for dinner, there was lots of dancing, Laylie was a raffle ticket winner for an art camp, laughs were had at the photo booth with friends, everyone had tasty desserts, and overall it was one of the greatest memories for a daddy and daughter to have together.

Also, Laylie received a very special award at school for "integrity". The teachers wait all year to see which student should receive this award and we couldn't be more proud of our Laylie to be the one selected for this special honor. I encouraged our girl that if she keeps on loving, caring and making people feel worthwhile every single day like she always does, she will make this world a better place.


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