Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2 more days in our home...

Our house is fully packed and all of our belongings are waiting in our garage for the big moving truck. The only things that are still left in our home are the big furniture items that keep us cozy as we wait out the next couple of days. Today, the girls and I spent the day soaking up the house as we baked with plastic and paper goods, colored on the floor together, ran on the green-belt and simply making our last two days filled with good memories, joy and fun. We are so excited to be going on our next adventure and truly feel so blessed. We can't wait to share with you pictures from the big moving days this Saturday and next Saturday and our fond memories in the new home off of Via Borregos. Thank you Lord for giving us our first townhome and for providing such a wonderful place for us to start our lives together. We will always be grateful.

Our holding spot as we move...

Our empty but wonderful home...

Our two kitchen bins for cooking and eating since the kitchen is fully packed in boxes. It's been fun living "camping style" in our own home. Easy clean up and everything is in one spot. 

Bring on the moving truck!! We are ready for our new journey to begin. Butterflies are in our tummies, happiness is on our faces, and we are excited. 

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