Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another Dream is Fulfilled...

We are just so thankful and grateful for our new home. Each day we have someone special coming over to play and hang out. Kids will be running around, screaming in excitement, and it's total craziness which I just love. The more happiness the better!

This week Laylie and a Rael have been enjoying our big master bathtub. Rael acts like she is swimming and Laylie enjoys the space.

We spend our mornings playing in our large playroom where coloring, Legos, beads, baby dolls, blocks, and doll house take place. We love having a room full of fun.

We are spending hours in our front yard and cul-de-sac riding bikes and playing games. But, the last few days have been extra exciting because Laylie is now a professional two-wheel bike rider. She took off like lighting with no help at all the very first time. She sometimes scares me with how fast she goes and she seems to now have it all under control. We are so proud of her and feel like our little girl accomplished another "big girl" moment.

Life seems happier and lovelier in our new place. Maybe it's the extra space? Maybe it's the mama of the family expressing so much joy and knowing that now every dream of hers has come true. A beautiful home, children to fill the home, food filled in our fridge, the most amazing husband anyone could ask for and an awesome God to thank for it all. Wow, yes, I do pinch myself every morning to see If I am dreaming.

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