Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moving On...

We woke up early and we were ready to load our big moving truck. We had a quick breakfast and soon after 7am friends started arriving to help. The guys all worked together loading heavy furniture and box after box from the garage. Somehow to my amazement they all took turns puzzling each item to make it all fit into the truck. I was in awe and so thrilled everything fit. The girls worked together in the empty house wiping down walls, counters and cleaning the floors. By 9:30am the truck was fully loaded and the house was cleaned. I even had to cancel our pizza order for lunch because it went so incredibly fast. There are times in your life where you feel extra blessed by your friends and family coming around you, helping you, and making you feel loved. Jason and I felt this was one of those days for us. We were so grateful for all of the helping hands and complete willingness of others to give up their time for us. It blows us away!! We are looking forward to next Saturday to move again with these friends and family but this time unloading the truck and putting things in our new home. Wahoo!!!

A few hours later our town home was empty. We head to Via Borregos and did our final walk through. This was the first time the girls had seen our new home and I was so excited to show it to them, especially Laylie who is having a little harder time with the move. On the way to the house I was remembering the commercial on tv when I was a little girl where a family was buying a house and the kids were running all around the home in total excitement. I have always remembered that ad since I was tiny because I wanted to do that someday when I had a family. Deep down I was hoping it would unfold just like that commercial I saw years and years ago. I must tell you, when we arrived at the home, Laylie was smiling so big in her car seat behind us. We saw Jon (our brother-in-law and the most amazing real estate agent ever) wiggling the key in his hand. Then I looked and read a sign that said, "SOLD" in big red letters in front of the house. I got butterflies and a huge smile on my face, too.

We hopped out of the car, met a few neighbors, took a few pictures and then we let Laylie open up the door. We watched her little hands push open the big door and instantly the girls were running to each room screaming in excitement, checking everything out, finding the best hiding spots, playing outside in the bushes, and finding their own rooms. I was in complete happiness and it was just how I pictured it that one day when I first saw the commercial. Total joy, happiness and thrill. We all felt an awesome sweetness about the home just like I had when going through the house for the first time. We left the driveway knowing we would be back in a few days, calling it our own.

I pray that in this home, Jason and I can grow old in it, have more children, and just bless everyone we know with this house God has given us. We are just over the moon with our precious new gift.

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