Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Monday, January 13, 2014

We are in our new place called HOME....

It was morning…I couldn't sleep all night because I was too excited. We were moving into our new home and I could hardly wait. We woke up bright and early in the new home on Saturday morning so we could get an early start unloading the truck to be there when our family and friends arrived. Friends arrived around 7am once again and VG donuts were delivered by our Dad which everyone just loved. We all started working together going back and forth from the house to the truck, and in less that 2 hours the truck was unloaded and everything was in each labeled room. 

Well, since I ordered a 6ft Subway sandwich, which couldn't go to waste, everyone wanted to stay until lunchtime - so we started unpacking. Let me just tell you…our new house was like tiny little ants on an ant hill with everyone working together unpacking, hanging things, organizing things, and hooking things up. My sweet friends Kelly and Pernel organized our closets, my sister Lisa and Mom did the kitchen, my sister Jillian made the beds, the Schmaltzs and the Esmays put things where they belonged and all the guys put furniture together, and hung things on the walls. By 3pm every room in our house was done from top to bottom.  Jason and I still can’t believe it and we are in complete awe of the blessings. We are blown away. 

I truly thought I would be unpacking for a month and trying to get my loving husband to hang thing after thing on each wall – nope…by the grace, time and effort of the people we adore, they made it all happen in a few short hours.  We will always remember this time in our lives when we called out for help and we were lifted up beyond measure. Thank you, friends and family…we love you!!

It has been day #3 in our home and let me just tell you…We are LOVING it!! Rael has so much room and won’t stop running. She now has bruises on her head because she keeps running into the doorframes. She is now a great friend to play hide-n-seek with and has learned to count, close her eyes, and hunt for the other person because of all the hours of already playing. Laylie is loving riding her bike in the backyard or cul-de-sac, having a huge playroom to play in, and dancing around everywhere. I am noticing things about the house that I never really noticed during our walkthroughs, things that I have always wanted, like…fluffy carpet upstairs, wood shutters, 2 sinks in the bathrooms, lots of cabinet space, and I am feeling that God choose this house for us. Jason is just having fun switching our address on things, doing little home projects already, and watching all 3 of his girls love the house he has provided for us. We are in total happiness and can’t wait to bless others with our home. We feel like we are in a wonderful dream!

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