Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Time is Here...

 The house is decorated, the gifts are wrapped, Christmas music is on and Jesus' Birthday is near! We are so thrilled and enjoying it all...

Holton's 1st Christmas - He is so excited! 

 This year was extra fun because our best friends the Williams live next door so Jason had a buddy to hang out with while putting up the Christmas lights. The kids had fun running around and being apart of everything as well.

We had a super fun night at Tim and Lindsay's new house making gingerbread houses. We stayed up late, played the game twister, did steam roller on the floor and laughed the night away. The girls and Holton are lucky to have such awesome Aunties and Uncles in their lives.  

Every year we are always impacted and absolutely love our annual tradition where we feed the homeless down in San Diego with our friends. The girls and I baked cookies and prepared little gifts to hand out. We are still talking about the lives that we encountered that day - how we can always be thinking of others in need and how grateful we are.  

We have been having fun looking at Christmas lights, go on outings with friends, Christmas dinners and parties. We love this season! 

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  1. LOVE! Your kids are the cutest! Merry Merry Christmas sweet White Family! I can hardly wait to spend a week with you in a few short months. Miss you like crazy! :)